21st March 2017: RSD UK RELEASE

It has officially revealed the list of releases for the Record Store Day in the UK. A special 2LP RED 12″ VINYL, limited to 750 copies, will be dedicated to Anna: LIVE AT MELTDOWN. It is obviously taken from her live concert for the English Festival at the Queen Elizabeth Hall, organized in 2015 by David Byrne.

Anna Calvi / Record Store Day – Domino Records (WIGLP380), £ 25,99

1. Sing To Me
2. Rider To The Sea
3. Blackout
4. Suddenly
5. Suzanne & I
6. Wolf Like Me
7. I’ll Be Your Man
8. Strange Weather (with David Byrne)
9. Desire
10. Love Won’t Be Leaving
11. Ghost Rider
12. Vespers Movement 5 / The Bridge

From the performance are omitted two songs: Fire and Jezebel. Anna, as you can see from the cover of the forthcoming release, on that night (22nd August 2015) was joined on the stage by a 12-piece choir. The releases will be available from UK independent record shops on Saturday, April 22. (http://recordstoreday.co.uk/home/)

Here you can read a review of the concert:



The Queen Elizabeth Hall, one of London’s most gorgeous venues, is perfect for what Calvi has in mind, where her phenomenal voice and guitar-playing is joined by a 12 piece choir from The Heritage Orchestra.

Byrne takes a seat in the stalls, excitedly chatting with members of the audience like a captain at golf’s Ryder Cup, following his picks across the greens, or in this case a variety of venues on London’s Southbank.  

As the lights go down a gentle peal of a hymn fills the room, except it’s not coming from the stage. The choir, who are all wearing white cloaks, enter from the side of the auditorium and make their way down the stairs to the stage, singing a Capella without microphones, where they form a semi-circle around Calvi. With such drama created before she’s even sang a note, it’s clear that something special is about to happen.

They open with “Sing To Me” from One Breath, but whilst on the recording Calvi provided the spectral backing vocals, tonight the choir take on that role brilliantly and all thirteen voices dovetail around each other, coiled in a beauteous web.

Calvi, wearing a white shirt to match the choir’s attire, stands at the front of the stage for the start of the second song and unleashes a series of blistering guitar notes with such fluid ease she effortlessly debunks the ridiculous myth that the guitar is a man’s instrument, a subject that has rightly vexed her. It’s one of many times tonight she gets completely lost in the music, the choir join her and they drift into “Blackout” which sounds incredibly cinematic. Her songs were born for this type of interpretation.

With “Suzanne and I” the composed restraint is unshackled; with the choir looking into the whites of the audience’s eyes. It ends with her voice spiralling into the heavens and if there wasn’t a roof in the venue you could imagine the final vocal flourish making its way to the moon. It’s that good.  

A cover of Bruce Springsteen’s “Fire” sees Calvi taking the lyric and making it sound like something she could have written herself, with the sensuality of the line "You can’t hide your desire, when we kiss, oh, fire" sounding full of longing, emotion and delight. The choir’s conductor sombrely stares into the audience with his hands clasped and it feels like a religious rite is taking place on the stage.

And then one of the things the whole room was hoping to happen comes to pass. Dressed all in white, Byrne joins Calvi to sing their collaboration “Strange Weather”. Standing side by side they look majestic; there’s a wonderfully natural rapport to their singing. Calvi doesn’t seem remotely cowed performing with a living legend and given the mesmerising nature of her stagecraft, why should she?

The choir leave their microphones and surround Calvi in a tight cluster as an electronic pulse throbs alongside the bass drum to herald her cover of Suicide’s “Ghost Rider” which is an absorbing treat interspersed with deliciously mercurial slide guitar. As it ends she rightly receives a standing ovation.

For the encore "Jezebel" she ramps up the theatre and matches the grandeur of Edith Piaf’s version. The way her voice veers into falsetto is astonishing and with the final flourish she works the word "Jezebel" through a range of notes with which reminds me of the similar power of Scott Walker’s masterful singing on “The Seventh Seal”.  

Closing with the rarely played “The Bridge”, the choir sing a lament in Latin whilst Calvi stands stock still, looking upwards. The breath-taking choir build a mood of beautiful intensity and finally Calvi joins them. The song fades out into a filigree of hushed singing and they depart to another standing ovation.

Tonight Anna Calvi embraced flamenco, rock, blues and opera and seamlessly fused those genres to a choral approach, surrendering herself to the themes of the music, both emotionally and physically. In the process she delivered a performance that was as jaw-dropping as it was magical.



27th February 2017

Burberry has just uploaded on YouTube a short documentary dedicated to Anna and her recent exhibition at the Burberry Makers House for the London Fashion Week:


21th February 2017: Anna interviewed by VOGUE (and an amazing photo)

Fresh from serenading Burberry’s February 2017 collection, Anna Calvi tells Vogue what advice she'd offer her younger self, which Hollywood actress she'd like to play her in a film biopic, and which three films she can watch over and over again.
What is the one thing you wish you could tell your 16-year-old self?
Not to worry so much.
What is the most-read book on your shelf?
Just Kids by Patti Smith.
What's your guilty pleasure?
Eating cereal after dinner. Crunchy Nut Cornflakes with cold milk is my favourite.
Who would play you in the film biopic of your life?
Natalie Portman.
What is your most treasured item in your wardrobe and when did you get it?
It is now going to be this beautiful jacket that was made for me [especially for the Burberry show tonight]. It is the only one that exists in the world.
Which three films could you watch over and over again?
Paris, Texas [by Wim Wenders], I find really beautiful; I love the shots and find it very mysterious. My Own Private Idaho [by Gus Van Sant] because I love River Phoenix and Point Break [by Katryne Bigelow] , with Keanu Reeves, because it makes me want to surf even though I never will.
If you could raid anyone's wardrobe who would it be?
Grace Jones. I don't know if I could quite pull it off, but I would give it a go.
What song or album would be the soundtrack to your life and why?
Aladdin Sane by David Bowie. It was the first album I ever bought, when I was eight. It's been with me all this time and I listen to it all the time, particularly when I want to escape.
Where is your favourite place in the world and what makes it so special?
Strasbourg, France. I lived there for a year and it is full of happy memories.
What are the three things that you would save from your house in a fire?
My guitar, my beautiful Chagall painting - it isn't an original, but I love it - and the third would be my laptop, because it has all my songs on it.
What was you biggest ambition at age 10?
I wanted to go to Africa and draw pictures of wild animals. I don't know why. I thought that was a job, but I don't think it is. Maybe there is still time.
If you could invite four people living or dead - to dinner, who would they be and what would you serve?
I'm vegetarian, so everyone is going to have to deal with that. I would cook pasta and tomato sauce. I would invite Nina Simone, I think she'd be quite dramatic. I'd like Naomi [Campbell] to come, because I think she's amazing. Gloria Steinem, to talk to her about feminism and David Bowie, because I just want to talk to him about songwriting.



21 February 2017: Music for THE SANDMAN

Anna confirmed on her Facebook page to have collaborated with Robert Wilson for the play THE SANDMAN. The preview on 3rd May, in Düsseldorf (Germany).

"My new EP ' Live For Burberry', recorded live with my band and choir and strings from The Heritage Orchestra is out now on Apple Music and Spotify. 'Whip The Night' is taken from a new theatre play that I have written the music for: 'The Sandman' directed by the legendary Robert Wilson. The play begins in May in Dusseldorf.  I chose ‘iT' by Christine and the Queens because I totally relate to its message. I hope you enjoy and share ~A"




20th February 2017: LIVE FOR BURBERRY - NEW EP!

Domino Records has already released on iTunes and Spotify the new EP by Anna Calvi with the live tracks performed at the show in London.



20th February 2017

Anna has just performed during the Burberry catwalk at the London Fashion week. She sang with with Heritage Orchestra and a choir conducted by Sam Thompson and new arrangements by Chris Wheeler and Jherek Bischoff, supported by Tristan Noon. Here the tracklist with two new songs and a cover:

- Whip the Night

- Nathaliel

- IT (Christine and the Queens cover)

- Eliza

- Desire

Here the link to watch the video of the performance.


19th February 2017: I read the news today, oh girl...

GREAT NEWS TODAY! Anna announces with a new black and white photo on her Instagram and Facebook pages that tomorrow she will perform at the London Fashion Week. Here her official communication:

"I have news...
I will be performing at the Burberry London Fashion Week show tomorrow (Monday) which will be streamed live at 7:30pm UK time here: https://show.burberry.com/
I will be playing new music, as well as a new cover, and I will be accompanied by choir and strings.
The songs from the show will be available on Apple Music immediately after the show. 
I hope this finds you well.. ~ A"



Yesterday she had uploaded on Istagram an enigmatic photo which made us to hope...


12th February 2017

Is "the Storm" coming...?


21st January 2017


Anna Calvi sings Bowie again (27th July 2016)

After having covered several times David Bowie's songs in studio and live, this Friday Anna is partecipating at Royal Albert Hall for the Proms, to celebrate the music of the Thin White Duke. She will perform 3 songs from Bowie's discography: 

- Blackstar (with Amanda Palmer)

- Sorrow (with John Cale)

- Lady Grinning Soul

With her Amanda Palmer, Marc Almond, John Cale and other artists. The show will be televised on BBC 4 at 10.15 p.m.


Anna Calvi live in the U.K. (25th July)


Two days ago Anna performed live at the Deer Shed Festival in Yorkshire. The photo of the concert is taken from the forum "Cult of Calvi" (Thank you AC).


The Invisible featuring Anna Calvi: LOVE ME AGAIN


A new poster for the Cardiff date on 8th June


A special guest (13th May)

Anna will be the special guest at The David Bowie Prom again with Amanda Palmer & Jherek Bischoff as part of the BBC Proms taking place at the Royal Albert Hall on July 29th. 

The David Bowie Prom will be broadcast live on BBC Radio 3 and BBC Four (TV).


A live date in France (19th April)


A new collaboration (14th April)

The Invisible announce a new album: Patience, via Ninja Tune on 10th June. It features a new collaboration with Anna Calvi: she sings in the song Love Me Again.


Anna as a special guest (21th March)

Anna will perform as a special guest on 29th March at Amanda Palmer & Jherek Bischoff's City Winery (NYC).


One more live date in August 2016 (16th March)


13th March: Rondhouse London

Anna performing "Me & the devil" at the tribute concert for Gil Scott Heron.


Forthcoming live shows (7th March 2016)


17th February 2016

Anna will be performing in David Bowie's tribute on April 1st at Radio City Music Hall (New York City), with Amanda Palmer and Jherek Bischoff. Many other artists will sing, such as Michael Stipe, Blondie, Pixies, ...


12nd February 2016

On March 13th Anna will participate at Pieces of a Man: The Gil Scott-Heron Project (Roundhouse, London). The concert is a celebration of the life and legacy of the legendary American soul and jazz poet, musician and author. 


5th February 2016

Anna sings and plays the guitar on David Bowie's cover Blackstar. The song is released in the new EP by Amanda Palmer (with Jherek Bischoff) titled Strung in Heaven - A Bowie TributeBlackstar was recorded in London at Bruce Grove Studios, engineered by Alex Thomas. 


Here you can see a short video where Anna is working on the track.